Today is the day a new chapter of my life begins, For about a month I will be living in a house with a friend of mine from freshman year of college, along with 6 other people and I will be sharing a room. I don’t have a problem with the sharing a room part, the part I am most anxious about is the number of people.

I have social anxiety so it is hard enough for me to hang out with one person, I don’t know well, let alone 6. The word nervous does not even begin to describe how I feel.

I am sad that the chapter I am in now is coming to a close, I really like the roommate I have now as well as the apartment I am living in. I do however hope that this new one brings the light that is missing inside of me. I am trying to be myself again but sometimes it’s so hard, especially around people I care about. I don’t want them to know I am sad or feeling down. I want them to know that I am happy where I’m at even if I don”t show it on the outside.

In the words of Ellie from the movie UP

“Adventure is Out there”

Now all I have to do is not be afraid to find it.

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